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Lesson 5: Readings Quiz:

Note: Check your local instructor's syllabus for any graded quizzes. This is just a brief readings quiz. Also see: PRACTICE QUIZZES


Lesson 5 Practice Quiz: 

1. What is this sign?  (The movement is forward and back a couple times. NOT side to side). The pads of the thumbs are touching the back of the middle fingers (or around that area)


2. What is this sign?

Note: I wouldn't actually put the first part of that sign on the lips.  It starts on the cheek "near" the mouth, not "on" the mouth.

3.  What is this sign?

4.  What is this sign?

5.  What is this sign?
The thumb of the right "C" hand comes is placed on the back of the left hand. You can use a slight tapping motion if you like.  The left hand can be loose, a "flat hand" or an "s."

Bonus Practice Question:
What is this sign?  Hint:  See the "WITH (advanced discussion)" page.



3. CAN (or "possible")

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