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American Sign Language: "candy"

To do the sign for "candy" twist the tip of your index finger on your cheek.


"You don't like candy?!?"


Optional Reading:  (Not needed for class)

Variation:  There is another method to sign "candy" that you might see some people using. This variation uses the sign for "sugar."  Form your right hand into a modified letter "U" (the thumb is alongside, not crossed over).  Brush the tips of your fingers over your chin in a downward motion. Repeat the movement. 

SUGAR / cute:

Note: If you do the sign "SUGAR" with a modified facial expression, (smile and twinkle of the eye) this same sign can be used to mean "cute."

Here is another variation for CANDY.  I don't recommend you use it. I have actually seen this version used as the sign for Utah -- but I don't recommend you use for Utah either -- Utah is a very easy word to fingerspell.

CANDY (variation) (not recommended)

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