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American Sign Language: "check"

The word "check" has many different meanings and can be expressed in a variety of ways in ASL.  Make sure to match your sign to your meaning.


INVESTIGATE: To sign "check" as in "investigate," "look-into," or "verify," you can do the version of this sign that uses an index finger on the dominant hand and a "flat" handshape on the non-dominant hand.

CHECK / investigate:




Draw a square in the air that is about the size of the item you are representing.

CHECK (or envelope or card depending on the size of your square)



CHECK (version 2)
Place a downturned "C" hand on the palm-up left flat-hand. Slide the "C" hand forward a few inches.
Note:  This sign happens to also be one of the versions of the sign "CAKE."


CHECK-"grade papers"

If you mean "check" as in "A teacher checking his or her students papers," see: CANCEL


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check / card / envelope

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