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Day (2) "advanced discussion"

A bit more "casual" way to sign DAY:

"Numerical Incorporation"
You can incorporate in number of days into the sign.  For example, if you want to say "3-days" then just use the number "3" as the handshape (for your dominant hand) for this sign. You can use this method up to the number 9.

This is how you sign "Three days ago." Put your right thumb on your right 3-hand on your cheek. Then flip the fingers up and backward.

Here is how you sign "Two days ago."  You start with the right index finger of the "2" hand touching your cheek. Then pivot your hand on the tip of the right index finger. Use a quick flipping motion.

ALL-DAY:  exaggerate the movement.  Start farther to the right.  Roll your head a bit with the movement arch of the right hand. Do the sign somewhat slowly but not overly so.

To sign the concept of "today" you combine the signs NOW and DAY:

TODAY (version 2)
The meaning of this sign depends on what the other person asked. For example, if the other person asks you what time is the meeting?  If you respond "NOW+NOW" it would mean "right now" or currently.
If someone asks you what day the party is, you can respond by signing "NOW + NOW."
The double "NOW" is interpreted to mean "today."



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