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Mexican Sign Language:
Also see "Expressing the letter "

Saludos Bill!

Here are the two sources for Mexican Sign Language that I have found to be the best:

VHS & book:

DVD & VHS by Ronald Henson:

Both are done in English and Spanish.  The Ronald Henson videos are more complete but a little slow moving, in my opinion.

I DON'T recommend the MSL/ASL translator cd by IDRT.  Very incomplete and several Hispanic deaf have laughed at some of their signs.

Mexico's Department of Education (SEP) had produced a series of booklets but they have been difficult to get a hold of.  The Chandler's best bet is to go to the local special ed school in Mexico and see what someone there has and ask to photocopy it.  Chances are a teacher has a photocopy of a photocopy etc......

Hope this helps!
- Robin
Hello Robin,
Great to hear from you!
Thanks for the information regarding MSL resources!
I'll be posting it in an upcoming newsletter (I already have a couple months in the pipeline, but it will show up eventually).  :)
Plus I'm going to set up a page over at in the Library titled Mexican Sign Language and put an edited version over there.


American Sign Language University William Vicars