Dr. Bill Vicars' CSUS Notes page:

To: Deaf Studies Students:

Registration for Spring Semester classes begins soon. Please make an appointment with your advisor as needed to make sure that you are on track towards graduation.

You are encouraged to go to your student center in my.csus.edu and click the pull down menu for academic requirements. Once you are in this window, scroll down a bit and hit the “expand all” button. Look to see whether you have any graduation requirements left or any GE requirements left signified by a red square. As you continue scrolling down, check your BA degree progress as well.

Please go to Lassen Hall Academic Advising Center for a drop in appointment and go over your Graduation requirements and General Education requirements with an advisor there. Make sure you didn't miss anything that you still need for graduation.

If you are planning on graduating in Spring 2012 you should have already submitted your graduation application last Spring. If you did not do so, you need to fill out the form and make an appointment with your advisor to check your progress and sign off on your application (you will have to pay a small late fee as well).
Please go here to find the forms you may need: http://edweb.csus.edu/eds/asl_deafstudies/forms.html

Advisers are assigned according to your last name:

Dr. Lisalee Egbert [A - D]

Dr. Donald Grushkin [E - H]

Dr. Jennifer Rayman [I - O]

Dr. Bill Vicars [P - Z]

For your information:

Certain courses are only offered once per academic year, so plan accordingly. EDS 163 ASL Literature (3 units) and EDS 166 Service Learning Experiences in the Deaf Community” are only offered in the Spring Semester. Depending on enrollment sometimes EDS 165 Seminar Current Issues is only offered once per year as well.

Students enrolling in EDS 166 will be required to do some preparatory work before the class begins so that we can get students placed in their volunteer positions quickly. This includes doing a video bio, a resume, and cover letters. Please contact Dr. Jennifer Rayman if you plan on enrolling in EDS 166.